Friday, July 29, 2011

Funky Friday

I'm not sure what it is about blog posts, days of the week and alliteration, but it seems to be running rampant in the blogdom. Why fight it?  It's hard to find a good use of the word funky otherwise. But since we did work it in, let's start today's music post with some TobyMac!  Hit play over there -->

I was talking with a friend this week, one of those good chats where you wonder all over the things God's doing in your life and you touch on all sorts of things, and we paused a moment on music. It's widely known that a lot of Christian radio stations have a playlist that is WAY too short and infrequently updated, so what's a funky Jesus music lover to do? Pandora! The online radio genius does a great job of mixing up something that the Christian community is missing: genre specific playlists!

I love TobyMac, but it's also common knowledge that I love things that have a cheesy side to them. While he's not everyone's cup of tea, making a TobyMac Pandora station will bring you all sorts of fun R&B and hip hop christian sounds. So I give you permission to use him to make a station, and then skip his songs.

So this weekend head over to or download their app for your smartphone, plug in one artist that makes you groove, and see what sort of discoveries you make!  Please report back and share!!

Personally, I'm counting down to new music from Steven Curtis Chapman Aug 9, Jason Gray Sept 13 and Jamie Grace Sept 20.
SALE ALERT: One of my favorite albums, No Far Away by Chris August, is on sale for $4.99!

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