Monday, August 1, 2011

Mature Monday

There is that alliteration again. Can't seem to get away from it!

I chuckle a little though, because today's "Mature Monday" is brought to you via a teen devotional post and the New Kids on the Block.

I read a devotional online this morning that was written several years ago by Rebecca St.James on the topic of boundaries. It wasn't until I got to the end that I realized it had been posted as part of a teen website. It really didn't matter since the subject matter, and her approach to it, are pretty ageless. You should click the link and go read it. It's good. It put words to the desire in my heart to quiet some of the chaos that has been there. Quitting Facebook (which I did this morning!*) has been about creating boundaries. When I decided to kick the FB bucket, I let up on the personal tweeting a bit as well, but I had no intention of making any major changes to my OTHER twitter account. The one all about NKOTB.

Twitter has been our cool-hangout place for a while now, with all the New Kids themselves hanging out, plus the back-up band and crew and so on and so forth. We tell stories, snoop around under the title of NK-CIA looking for news on the next tour announcement or special event, share pics, and generally have a great time. Since the fandom is world wide, it's a 24/7 party. But a couple weeks ago it came to my attention that I had hardly any boundaries at all in that part of my life. So I scaled back. But scaling wasn't what I really needed to do. I needed to hit several of the areas Rebecca covered in her devo, including the financial. The only way for me to REALLY set things up again the way they should be is to leave the party. So I told my dear Blockhead friends last night that I'm going to delete that twitter account. I still love my 5 brothers and a million sisters, but it's time to step back.

Have you taken a look at your own life lately? Do you have healthy boundaries up? Are there places where you can make a little change and strengthen them a bit? Are there any areas where you haven't set boundaries yet? Get a move on that before you end up needing to make bigger changes.

(I missed church yesterday, but I hear the sermon was about maturity. Can't wait to listen and see if it ties in!)

*About FaceBook: Did you know there is a 14 day waiting period to delete your account?? If you go looking for my previous personal account, you'll find nothing, but I have the power for two full weeks to go push a button and presto-chango it's like it was never gone. Gotta be strong! (Maybe this is training to open a social networking rehab facility someday?? LOL)


  1. Great blog!!! I am one of your "faithful" followers on twitter and have greatly appreciated on the news, gossip, tips, etc.... But I have to say I really admire you for taking this step. Social Network sites have certainly taken control of many peoples lives over the last few years. My husband is probably one of the few American's that has never had a Myspace, FB, Twitter etc... It frustrates him that society as a whole doesn't pick up the phone on write a letter when we want to communicate with each other. I waste so much time everyday on these sites, at some point you have to take a step back and really access how beneficial this really is. After reading your blog and checking out your link for Rebecca St. James it really made me think about these boundaries or lack there of :( Boundaries is something I talk so much about with my students but I honestly never really thought about them for myself. Maybe that is what I need to do!!!
    So thank you again for all the fun NK tips, but mostly thanks for sharing this really great devotional :-)
    Tina Baker @tnikkol

  2. I had to take a step back and away a few months ago also. I attended no where near the amount of events my fellow BH's did, but still every moment I had to spare was on twitter etc. In fact I even closed my good ole' Ning membership a few weeks before the site finally went offline, because I just needed to let go. Looking back it was a wonderful run, but it had the easy way of taking over ones life. Now I have a scrapbook of memories and a chest full of memorabilia...but in reality I think my husband and my kids are very glad to have me, and my full attention back.

  3. Hi "wizbiff"!
    Thanks for sharing your blog. I'm finding I need to step back from social networking from time to time. I'm not that successful; however, I did manage to consolidate my twitter accounts so I'm forced to not be fangirl all the time. My blog is random, but feel free to wander over there if you'd like.

  4. I think it's so funny that when you go to delete facebook, they blast you with all these profile pics of your friends with captions that say, "Michelle will miss you! Susie will miss you! Brad will miss you!" Like they're begging you to reconsider. Same with the 14 day "grace" period. Somewhere I read that they know that most people choose to come back...especially those who deactivate their accounts, but don't actually delete them.

    About twitter...I have had to pull back considerably. Twitter feeds the NK addiction, and the NK addiction feeds on twitter, and as much as I have loved both, I really don't want to be addicted to anything. (I want to delete, but I just can't throw away those valuable Jordan and Donnie follows...! I'm so conflicted!)

  5. I think the Twitter craze was just that...a place where you could get good info, comments , but also useless gossip and mundane info like "I had my hair cut today" So what! People get caught up in has lost the fun side. I, too gave up the Ning...too many complaining women and FB and Twitter now serve for my work anyway.
    Good for you Elizabeth!!


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