Thursday, July 21, 2011

On the back of a snail

I've said my heart lies with Jesus, music and hospitality. I could have said food, but I'm not a foodie and I'm not a chef. I love making a home, sharing a home, lending a home, bringing home to less homey places. And yes, even sending a little home out on the back of a snail.

Cutting back on my social networking made me more aware of other ways to reach out and touch someone. Remember being a kid and getting a piece of mail, any mail? SO EXCITING!! As adults, we get mail and the thrill is gone. Until we see something with handwriting and maybe a fun color. Then we perk up just like when we were kids. I GOT MAIL! REAL MAIL!

I ordered some stamps online a couple weeks ago. I could pick from all the fun designs , mix and match, and have them all shipped to me for just $1 over their basic cost. Then I walked into a Hallmark store. Oh yes. Now that's the stuff! Later I sat down with a couple pens and those free address labels people send you in the mail and got to work. I made sure those snails were going to earn their keep!

Keep some supplies on hand and drop a little something REAL in the mail now and again to a friend. Local friends, far away friends, everyday friends and once a year friends. Maybe it's a thank you or a birthday or a thinking of you. But do it. Make someone smile.

Send some love on the back of a snail.


  1. I love getting snail mail. I used to send cards all the time... but have fallen away from that. It definitely puts a smile on my face when I get something from someone because I knew they took TIME out of their precious day to send it to me, and that means a lot! -eep

  2. I love this. You have encouraged me to turn over a new leaf, especially as we make this move. (Except there ain't no Hallmark store where I'm headed! I see myself doing some online shopping for stationery).

    P.S. This week I read 2 really great blog posts about leaving Facebook. Sharing w/ you...

  3. Wow. I read her posts and it's like we share a brain!

    As far as the cards, I actually signed up for DaySpring's card club.


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