Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Love Concerts

This should not be a surprise to anyone at this point, but I LOVE concerts.  I love music.

My brothers got all the actual talent in the family, but I have this part of my brain that thinks I'm somehow musical.  I blame it on my oldest brother actually. He has music in his blood and took his first lesson at 4 yrs old.  When he was 8 he joined the church band and I would sometimes carry his guitar since it was as big as he was.  And when he was in the youth group band I was his taxi service.  Their Christmas parties were "the band and Elizabeth."  My BFF was in the band as well and I always thought of myself as one of them.

Instead of spending my money on lessons and guitar strings, I spend it on concert tickets.  This year I've seen TobyMac, Relient K, NKOTB, John Mayer, Rhianna, Steven Curtis Chapman, Newsboys and a festival that included MercyMe, Jeremy Camp, Building 429 and Amy Grant.  I've got tickets on my fridge to see Jeremy Camp and SCC again too.  There is just nothing better than hearing your favorite songs played live.  And preferably, from the first 10 rows.

Last night was Newsboys from the FRONT ROW.  So much fun!  They did songs I remembered from high school and songs from their current album as well as a new DC Talk songs (since their new lead signer is Tait from DC Talk).  I think Tait appreciated that I knew most of the words to the new songs and sang to me a few times.  Random fact: he grew up on Capital Hill.

Next month I have a ticket to see Jeremy Camp from the 2nd row and in Nov I'll see SCC from the 3rd row.  It's just so much fun to not be in the back like I was for all concerts in high school.

So if you need a concert buddy, just give me a call!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Social Networking and the Introvert

My name is Elizabeth and I am an introvert.  I enjoy being around people, but doing so drains my battery.  At some point, I have to step back and recharge.  An extrovert has their battery charged by being WITH people.  I'm a little more on the extreme side where my battery drains fairly quickly.  If I was a laptop, I'd be buying a NEW battery because this one is holding a charge for less than the average time.  But I have discovered a power leak in my battery.  Social networking.

I've become a rather adept social networker in the last couple years.  But when it comes to flesh and blood people...I'm losing ground.  I've found myself skipping parties and events because I just didn't have it in me to chat.  Yet I'm posting here there and everywhere.  My battery was being slowly drained and I didn't realize it!

Recently I've cut back on Facebook.  I've experimented with my NKOTB twitter account.  I've actually increased posting on my regular twitter account (Yes, I have 2 accounts.  I told you I was adept.) I believe I'm drawing a conclusion.  Cutting back is good.  Very good.  Poor Facebook will continue to be neglected.  My followers in the Blockhead world will start to miss me.  And my other Twitter followers....probably will see a little cutback to where I previously had been.

Fall is beginning and with it more social opportunities.  Weekly ballet classes started tonight.  Bible study will start soon.  I might join a second study. I'm leading a monthly activity group.  I need to save my battery for real flesh and blood. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Not-so-hidden treasure

Why do we overlook treasures so often?

There is a park just a short walk from my home. Its about the same distance as the metro, just in the opposite direction. It's a long narrow park about a half mile from end to end following a little creek. Full of trees and squirrels and the sounds of the water babbling past. Its not a national treasure. Its not the 8th wonder of the world. I only see public mention of it when the water becomes polluted by this or that city accident. But it's still a beautiful little taste of nature and a very peaceful place.

I actually discovered it in the couple months before I moved into my apartment while I was still staying with my aunt and uncle. Every time I'm here, my soul feels like its been feed. Yet, in 4 years why can I still count on my two hands how many times I've come here?? Why do I forget about the beauty? The peace? Why do I convince myself the walk here is longer than it really is? Why do I stay home when something better is waiting for me? Why? I feel God here. Why do I forget the good things He has for me?

(written on a bench overlooking the creek yesterday)