Thursday, July 14, 2011

Encouragment Weekly

As I've focused on making this blog my Little House on the Internet, I've also been visiting around and discovering a few other great blogs. Below are three links to blogs that really made an impact on me, as well as a bonus article. Check them out now, and come back here soon for my next post.

What Finding Yourself Really Means  This post spoke right to my heart. Are you trying to find yourself in some way? Read this post on one of my new favorite blogs.

Your Quick & Easy Encouragement Guide
If you have a heart to encourage others, but don't know how to DO it or what to say, this blog will encourage YOU.

Is technology a mask or a portal?
You might know Vicky Beeching as a worship leader and song writer, but she's also a techy and has started a great blog about technology and spirituality.

My bloggy/blockhead friend over at The Farris Wheel shared this article from the Washington Post with me. In light of my choice to shut down my large personal facebook page, this was very interesting! Written a year ago, they asking the question, "is it really an antisocial network?"   hmmmmm.....

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  1. That mask/portal article was some interesting food for thought.


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