Thursday, October 20, 2011


I'd like to issue a challenge to you. Yes you. The one sitting there thinking this probably won't apply to you since, be honest, that's what most of us think when we hear an opening line like that.

We need to reclaim the home as the social hub of our lives. Inviting people into your home is not just for people who live in 2000 sq ft or more. It's not just for married people. It's not just for good cooks. Almost* all of us can open our door and let people chill with us.

The home lends itself to personal warmth and depth. There is safety. There is family. There is relationship in the home. How much of that can you say about the movie theater or Chili's?

As a young adults in the DC area, my friends and I face two main hurdles in opening our homes. One is the idea that as younger people, we just aren't ready to be the hosts. Our home is too small. Our furniture doesn't match. We can't layout a food spread as good as mom used to do. That's just plain baloney. No one cares if your stuff doesn't match or if you pour salsa from a jar into a cereal bowl as your only snack (but we would like some chips too). And small spaces? We all have them. In reality, it kinda makes things more cozy. So pile people into your little home!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Bad Apple

In many ways, I am a child at heart. G.T. and the Halo Express (the full 7 CD set) live in my car and make a regular rotation through my CD player. Happy Meals are a drive-thru favorite. Labor Day weekend on my round trip drive to the lake, I made multiple stops for the happiest of meals, the Chick-fil-a nugget kids meal. In a beautiful collision of the practical and the destined, my meals contained Veggie Tales CDs. The best of yummy fast food and roadtrip entertainment all in one??  Yes please!

While I flew down 81 and 66, I was listening and learning about temptation from LarryBoy. Who knew a superhero cucumber had so much to teach me? I was so impacted by this CD that I went online and spent a few dollars to buy a used copy of the original DVD. I'd encourage you to do the same (or you can rent it from Netflix if that's your thing.)  I loved that the very basic illustrations of temptation they used for kids are things that are TRULY impacting our lives today. We think of temptation as sex, drugs and rock n roll. But hey! There is so much more that we deal with DAILY!