Thursday, July 7, 2011

Introducing... Themes and Anthem Lights!

How can I made my internet presence more RICH & FOCUSED? I'm going to try out some theme posting!  Right now my topics might be: Entertaining (hospitality, food, etc), Music (albums to buy and concerts to attend) and God Stuff (more like the stuff that has already been on this blog). This list is open to change right now, but once it's a little more settled down, you might even see more scheduled posts for your regular reading pleasure.

Today you get... MUSIC!  

If you are local to the DC area,
Chris Tomlin is going to be playing the Patriot Center Nov 4.
I'll let you know ASAP when tix go on sale.
I want the first 5 rows!

As I've posted on FaceBook and Twitter, my new music discovery is Anthem Lights. In a shocking twist, I actually discovered them on Christian radio. I was feeling like hearing some Shout to the Lord or a little  SonicFlood, so I turned the radio on in the car and BAM there was a fresh new sound.

One of my favorite songs right now is Outta My Mind.  Great song about feeling down and asking for a new perspective. Definitely doesn't hurt that it's a spectacular song for car dancing as well.


You can watch their music video for their single Can't Shut Up here: 

They seem like pretty sincere guys if you want to meet them here:

And you can tweet them here: @AnthemLights  (Alan already tweeted me.  This is a part of social networking I enjoy)

What is YOUR current favorite for car dancing? 


  1. Lately I've been lovin Group 1 crews latest cd in my car when I'm not listening to Jordans cd. Lol. I like what u r doing here. Good idea!

  2. I really like Group 1 Crew! I was thinking about featuring them next week.

    Thanks for your visit!

  3. One of my friends just introduced me to Group 1 Crew. :) I like these songs you've shared here. (I used to be so "on top" of Christian music, now I feel kinda out of touch.)


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