Thursday, August 4, 2011

Show Hope

If I'm going to be a blogger, I want to use the platform for good when I can. I received an email yesterday from Show Hope asking for assistance in spreading the word about a fundraising effort they are currently engaged in. If you are still part of that lovely jungle called Facebook, then clicking LIKE will make a difference for them.

From Show Hope:
As you may have seen in recent blog posts and updates, an anonymous donor stepped up to give $20,000 to Show Hope based on new “likes” on the Show Hope Facebook page, found at Thanks to the incredible support of friends like YOU, we reached the initial goal within one week, and thousands of people have learned about the things God is doing through Show Hope.

Since reaching that milestone, two more donors offered additional gifts for new “likes.” If Show Hope reaches 80,000 total Facebook likes by August 10, this will result in a total donation of $70,000 to our adoption aid and orphan care programs! We are almost there! Show Hope is thrilled to see the movement to care for orphans spread through the social media world, but we know that we need YOUR help to reach our goal.

Would you be willing to join us as we spread awareness and make a difference in the lives of orphans? We encourage you to share about this opportunity on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other social networks.

Please LIKE Show Hope today at and post the following as your Facebook status:

Every new like on the Show Hope page means $1 for orphan care and adoption aid projects! Help Show Hope reach 80k likes by August 10 by liking and sharing today! (please re-post this status!)

For more info, check them out at 

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