Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Putting my hospitality to work

Have you ever wished you had a hobby that MADE you money instead of cost you money? (you'd think I sat up late at night watching infomercials with that line! But really, I'm not trying to con you.) I used to have one. Back home in Florida I had a great hobby for about 4 years. This summer I said, "Hey! Let's do that again!" I love messing around with food and making things homey and so forth and so on in a hospitable sort of way. My cooking skills and baking repertoire were very much widened by this hobby before and I'm already seeing that happen again.

I'm not being vague to create drama, really. I've rejoined a direct sales company that has very specific internet marketing guidelines. I'm allowed to FaceBook and Twitter to share about my new hobby, but not blog about it. Really, I'm not sure who wrote these rules, but there they are in all their glory. So if you want to know EXACTLY what I'm doing, you'll have to look at my twitter account. Say, HERE and maybe HERE.

Now I'll make you a promise. That 2nd link gave you some sales oriented info. You'll never see that on this blog again. Period. If you want to be the mailing list for that stuff, hit up that EMAIL ME link up there ^. Mostly, I wanted to let you know so that I can share my adventures now and again. And share some of the yummy recipes since I heard you liked that last trifle concoction.

I'm excited to be doing something new and plan to be very careful about making sure I have good BOUNDARIES in my life around this hobby. I'm going to own it and NOT the other way around.

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