Monday, March 4, 2013

The Fiance

I tried to keep the last post at least a tiny bit on topic with this blog. And I really do love homemaking!  But this post is the gushy post. So look away if you must!   I'm in love over here!

From our first date, I knew The Fiance was special. I was so comfortable with him! For a while now I've known he was The One. I wanted to run around and tell everyone he was THE Prince Charming! MINE!  But it wasn't time yet. It was time to grow together and allow our relationship to solidify a bit.

While we still have LOTS of growing and solidifying to do, now it is time! World, this man is MINE! He loves me and cherishes me and we are going to be together forever. I am so proud of him. This is the man who I want to have a family with before long. The one who will be a father to my little tan children. This is the man with whom I want to grow old. This is the man I will marry.

We are planning a summer wedding and we can't wait. So soon yet so far away. We want to celebrate this time! To look forward without wishing away today. Because before you know it, we'll be standing there before our closest friends and family. Before you know it I'll be changing that W in my name up there to an E.  (why did I include my list initial in my blog url???)

I'm looking forward to updating this blog with the recipes I try, the parties we'll throw and the things we learn along the way. Because all of these thing will be beautiful. I am so blessed.

I love you baby!

(And Readers, I promise to keep the ooey gooey gushing to a minimum!)

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  1. As a Reader, I give you permission to gush AS MUCH as you want. You should! You both waited and should enjoy the reward of the love you found! I expect no less when you start having those beautiful tan babies! (btw- seeing Josue w/ that little girl at the party... preview!)


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