Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bubbles or lack thereof

In the last two and a half years, I think I've had two baths. Not that I've been filthy all this time. I promise I have showered! We're taking about bathtubs here. There was that one retreat and that one hotel... I think that was it for the baths since 2010.

I've written about my journey towards being debt free before. One of the major things I did to turn myself around financially was to give up my pricey one bedroom in exchange for a studio apartment. In many ways, the studio was BETTER than my old place. It was so much closer to work and I really enjoyed the quiet neighborhood. But I gave up a few things. A full kitchen and a bathtub mainly. Some people wouldn't miss these things from their lifestyle, but I really have. But you know what? It was so worth it!! That extra cash in my account each month allowed me to aggressively deal with my debt. 

Now that I'm getting married next month (!!!) I'm getting ready to move back into an apartment that includes multiple rooms, a full kitchen and a bathtub. Yes, it will cost more, but I'll have a husband to help with that.  And together we are going to finish kicking my debt to the curb. We were also smart when we were shopping for a place to live. We did our research and found a great deal that met our needs, but did not excessively exceed them. Now I fully expect to spend the next few months baking and soaking in the tub!

I'd encourage you to make big cuts if you need to save money. You really can do it if you remind yourself it's for a time and a season. The blessings will far outweigh the sacrifice. 

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