Friday, March 1, 2013


My last post was about health. To update, cutting diet coke has curbed my afternoon carb cravings, so that's a plus! I'll still drink one now and and again, like when I'm at a party. But if I drink one at work I feel all gross and bloated, so that's not all that appealing. Haven't bought a Lean Cuisine again...but haven't been making amazing lunches either. Gotta work on that. But to be honest, I was all motivated to get in shape because I was anticipating 2013 being a year when there are a LOT of photos taken of myself. Why???

We're getting married!!!

On Sunday afternoon, February 3rd, the love of my life asked me to marry him. With tears in our eyes, I said yes!  It was a sweet, intimate proposal with the Lord's presence upon it. We were able to enjoy the moment, find time to call family, and then go celebrate with friends at Super Bowl parties. A perfect day.

Through our relationship and especially now, I've seen my love of homemaking shine. When I make him a meal and he enjoys it, it makes my heart happy. When I use my couponing to restock his toiletries for a what he would have spent on a tube of toothpaste, it makes my heart happy. When he leaves his gym bag behind by accident (we have have been hitting the gym a LOT) and I toss his laundry in with mine, it makes my heart happy. And we're talking laundry here, that never makes me happy!

I've spent the last two years in a lovely apartment that is lacking a few full blown amenities. It's a studio, so some things are mini. I am so looking forward to making our new home in a place with a standard size fridge, oven and dishwasher. Because baking and buying produce at CostCo (and not doing ALL the dishes) makes my heart happy. I've written before about entertaining with a small space, but I'm looking forward to entertaining MORE! To having space for my friends kids to play. For more than 4 people to be able to watch a movie.

I've gotten excited about building our gift registries and finding items to organize and entertain. Items to make a home. Our home. A home where we can retreat and relax. A home where we can invite others in to retreat and relax. A home where we can celebrate milestones together and with our friends. I might be in an office 40 ours a week, but I am a homemaker through and through. It makes my heart happy. The Fiance makes my heart happy. This is going to be a good year.

Okay, I wanna know. Did ANYONE read the paragraph above the first photo?  ;-)


  1. Still room in the class if you want to sign up for Whole Foods Clarendon's month long healthy challenge including weekly Tuesday pm classes. Looking forward to it! :)

  2. Did read that first paragraph but this is a phone screen and that's first you see

  3. Congratulations!!! How very exciting!! Nothing wrong with loving being a homemaker. It brings me great joy to do the little things around the house, too :) Meghann Wilson

  4. So very happy for you! I love homemaking too! And yes, I read the 1st paragraph.


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