Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Remind Me

(Yes, it's been too long since the last post. I think the earthquake scrambled my brain. And the hurricane was distracting. And there are always excuses. And natural "disasters" are my favorite ones to use. So hard to argue with for the most part!)

In the last few years, I've forgotten so much. My zeal, faith and hope have slipped away. This year, God has been restoring me. Remind Me Who I Am by Jason Gray has been my prayer since I first heard it.

When I lose my way,
And I forget my name
Remind me who I am
In the mirror all I see
Is who I don't wanna be
Remind me who I am

If I'm Your beloved can You help me believe it

Tell me, once again
Who I am to you, who I am to You
Tell me, lest I forget
Who I am to you, that I belong to You
To You 

The truth can be so simple and so easy to forget. We go looking for something more complex. Who are you? You are the beloved of God. It's WHO YOU ARE.

As well as having lyrics that touch my soul, Jason's music sounds great. Give him a listen. If the song pricks your heart, try to find quiet time later today to listen again and make it your prayer as well.

Jason also recorded a three minute video talking about the song and why he wrote it. It's well worth the listen.

RMWIA (what, you don't make acronyms out of song titles?) is the first single off of an album releasing a week from today. This week you can listen to the WHOLE THING streaming as a preview right HERE. (yes, you have to register, but it's worth it) I very much enjoyed his last album and I'm looking forward to downloading this one.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I'm going to share it with my son who struggles quite a bit since his accident.
    Aka tamimac


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