Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pumpkins and leaves and dancing, oh my!

Autumn is here! Kinda. Not really. But I'm feelin' it. The calendar tells me there are two full weeks of summer left, but, being a Florida girl, I've always defined my seasons however I pleased. Growing up, Autumn was that amazing week where you didn't sweat, you might require a jacket, but could still wear flip-flips. Once you couldn't wear the flip-flops, THAT was winter. Crazy cold stuff if was when it dropped below 65. brrrr  But I digress.

The local schools have started, the mall is full of sweaters and my summer-loving-self is excited for a new wardrobe. THIS is how I define Autumn currently. Summer is free and fun and light, but there isn't a lot of consistency to it. Everyone is on vacation and running about and things are canceled. Once September starts, routines start again. I love routines as much as I love sundresses. And what I'm currently VERY excited about is SWING DANCING lessons!

If you read my old blog, you know I tried a beginner ballet class a couple years ago. That was a big fat failure. There is a reason adults don't do that. Ouch. This though, this will work.. I took swing dance classes 12 years ago and I had a BLAST! Partners were required, so I made my brother go with me. I'm not sure how in the world I talked him into it. Locally there is a great place that holds weekly dances that I've attended once or twice a year over the time I've lived here. They always include a short lesson before the dance, so I've tried out the instructors and now I can't WAIT to dance my socks off every week!

What are you most looking forward to this Autumn? Do you prefer Autumn or Fall? Why do we have two words for this? I like saying Fall and writing Autumn. I'm not sure why.

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  1. I live in Florida currently and I cannot wait for the temps to cool down. :)

    I used to swing dance, and then lindy hop avidly for a long time. I agree, it is so much fun! Have a great time getting back into it!



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