Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cleaning House

The big count down is on.  Eleven days until the big move!  Or, the little move if I reach my goal.

I have a family history of pack-rat behavior.  The idea is to save anything you might use again, ever.  Personally, I'm also very sentimental and keep too many mementos.  So while the amount of furniture I have to move is rather small and mostly every light-weight, I always have too many boxes of STUFF.

I started the cleaning/packing endeavors on Thursday and so far I have a carload of stuff to take to Goodwill and have taken 5 kitchen trash bags out to the compactor.  I've been more ruthless then ever before.  There is no reason to have enough pajamas to last two weeks without doing laundry.  And why did I have a box with 5 flashlights?  I think one flashlight will get me through any power outage.

The books right now are my sticking point.  I had every intention of giving away MANY of them.  But when I went through the shelves, I pulled out less then a dozen I could live without.  Yet, each time I've moved, my friends say HOW MANY of those boxes are filled with books???  Last time I moved a bunch of them myself the day before the real move because I felt so guilty.  So I will go through the shelves again and do what must be done.  *tear*

And after the books, comes the Pampered Chef tools!  Can't keep all of that stuff....

What do YOU tend to hoard?  What tips/hints/motivation can you offer to keep me tossing?


  1. OMG, we definitely are twins. I keep everything. I tend to keep the boxes things (like printers, DVD players) are originally packaged in, because I KNOW when it comes time to move, those boxes will securely fit those items. I keep paperwork, because I'm (obviously) too lazy to go through it and separate the needed stuff from the junk. I normally hoard photos, but since the digital age, that pile o'junk is no more. I keep tons of clothes because I will DEFINITELY get back down to the size I was when I bought them (who cares that bell bottoms and cut-off sweatshirts aren't in fashion anymore!) I have lots of doo-dads, doo-hickeys, knick-knacks and crap.
    After my little rodent problem, I finally had to start tossing some things. I had held on to my old uniforms to try and sell, but figured, if I haven't sold them now, I never will. Stuff that has dust (because you've NEVER looked at it) - TOSS. Anything from the 1900's - TOSS.
    (now, if I could just follow my own advice).

    PS. What goodies are you providing for us who come help move? ;) I suppose I can come help you! If I don't get lost!

  2. What… getting rid of Pampered Chef tools? I don't think that's allowed!


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