Friday, March 2, 2012

Is "decluttering" a real word?*

It's become very trendy to claim a word for a year. Sometimes the word is about something they're learning that year, such as learning about joy or grace. Sometimes the word is about action, such as challenge or expand. I haven't followed the trend very well. I waited until last year was half over and then I choose TWO words and I'm reusing them this year. My words are RICH and FOCUSED.

I am an organized person living with some messy person tenancies. I procrastinate, hoard and, well, I think those are the main issues. My home is regularly in need of some TLC which my mind is SCREAMING to offer it, yet that pesky procrastination keeps interfering with again and again.

In my quest to be FOCUSED in this area, I'm joining a blog challenge for the month of March and I'm offering you to join me. Start by reading this amazing post titled What's Holding You Back from Decluttering?

(((waiting, waiting, oh, you're back!)))

That was a really good post, wasn't it?? I realized my lack of FOCUS here was robbing me of the RICHness I was desiring. This is why I am joining Project: Simplify for the month. You'll be seeing two posts a week from me on this topic. The first will be sharing the week's assignment from Tsh over at and the second will be sharing how I actually DID on that assignment, complete with before and after photos!

Click on that empty box and you can read about how Tsh plans to get us moving. One little tweak I'll offer to you. Her first project is to declutter your kids' stuff.   don't have any of those at the moment, so I'm planning to declutter my bathroom and my equivalent of a linen closet.

See you Monday for our first assignment!

*not according to  Maybe in the next edition?

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  1. Thanks so much for this. I will probably join you in the de-cluttering effort. I did clean out my closet once and it was both a lot of work but rewarding when I was done. The bad news is that the closet has once again went astray, so it will be nice to add it on a "to-do" list.


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