Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Clutter awry

Ladies and Gentlemen, this project has been a failure! Sometimes, the best intentions go awry. There has been no deculttering in my home since my last post. Technically, I've cluttered. You see, I had this storage unit that I've finally cleaned out. And by cleaned out, I mean I moved it all into my living room.  So the storage unit is 100% decluttered! But my living room? Not so much. My personal goal is now to get all those boxes opened up and taken care of once and for all.  Some need to be condensed into scrapbooks. Some need to be repacked in Rubbermade and shoved into the crawl space. Some might just need to be trashed.

What about you?  Did any of you keep up with Simple Mom and her projects? (  She's a great motivator!

Life otherwise is peachy keen! Winter is gone, spring has come, and all is well in the world. See you soon for a real post!

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  1. I did start following the Simple Mom b/c of your post and thought it would be great motivation for me to declutter some areas, too. I read a few and then stopped b/c I felt bad for not doing anything she suggested! I constantly battle with this at my house because I can't throw anything away and it takes too much work to put it on craigslist or box it up to give away, so it just sits in piles getting rotated around from attic to spare room to garage. Be glad you have limited space to fill. I'm convinced I will fill as much space as I have.


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