Friday, January 6, 2012

Pose for me, pose for me

I love photographs that = memories. I would much rather take pictures than buy souvenirs on a trip. I love the stories that are held in my photo albums. A few weeks ago I was given the privilege of participating in a photoshoot sponsored by my church leadership and Ginny Filer Photography. The church was prepping for a new website that launched this week (which looks AMAZING [because Jenna Jones Designs rocks too!].) We took pics we would need for the site and Ginny was gracious enough to take extra pics for all of us. It was a lot of fun and I'm so excited to have new memories of my dearest friends!
(You can check out the official public album HERE on Facebook.)

I really do love hospitality!  I'm offering you a muffin and coffee right now.

 There were also some fun color effects!

(more pics after the jump)

The Boyfriend jumped us in for a few pics of our own.
And they came out amazing!
Isn't he the cutest?

We wrapped up by taking a few fun group shots of all the leadership team.  If you ever thought church people were unapproachable, check us out! We're kinda weird in a fun sort of way. You should stop by and visit us if you live in the DC/Arlington area or are stopping by on vacation. I'll even take you to lunch.


  1. your church looks fun! If I could find someplace like that here I'd deff go more then once a yr!


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