Monday, November 14, 2011

The house is packed

When love is in the house, the house is packed, so much so we left the back door cracked...  Lyrics by TobyMac where running through my head as friends gathered at my place last week to help me put up my Christmas tree. (Though it was more about cracking windows open than the door.) After writing the post a few weeks ago about HOME I realized I needed to just go for it and have a party. No more stressing over exactly how many people would be comfortable in my space. Just invite and let things happen as they would. And it was great!

Sure, we were stepping on each other now and again, but no one minded. I packed 14 people into a studio basement apartment and it was such a good time, it was midnight before I was alone again.

Everything is more fun with friends. Setting up the three-piece tree, figuring out how to connect all the cords and fixing the star upon the top, when it is REALLY hard to get it to connect to my tree, doesn't feel like a chore when there are lots of hands involved. I enjoyed watching a group of budding civil engineers make sure the covered bridge lined up with the invisible river powering the big water wheel on the mill as we set up my ceramic snow village. Hopefully I've sparked a trend of tree trimming parties!
My actual tree, not clip art. -------->

Which reminds me, how are YOU doing on The Challenge? You still have a little time to pull it off! And if you ask REALLY nice, I'll even give you an extension until the end of the year.

The Challenge: Have people over to your house between now and Thanksgiving. As long as they come in and stay long enough to sit down, it counts. I'll be asking how it went!


  1. Your tree is gorgeous! Hee hee about the engineers assembling the snow village. We had a couple over last week...and a birthday party for my daughter with parents of her friends...and after Tgiving I'm going to have my Bible study ladies over. Really trying to be hospitable here. Not the easiest for me.

  2. Sounds like you are doing great!! You're branching out and having all sorts of people in your home.

  3. Dear Biff,
    I had people over to my house a few weeks ago for moms group/play date, and this weekend my cousin is coming up from South Carolina to stay with us a few days. I don't know if she counts because she's family, but I am doing it! I wish you lived closer because I would invite you over too.
    p.s. Your tree looks great!


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