Monday, August 26, 2013

Lemonade Stand Time

Sometimes my mind goes crazy and starts spitting out ideas.  I think my entrepreneurial father left just a tiny bit of his imprint on me.  I received an email from our condo association about a community yard sale in five weeks.  And BOOM my mind decided I should:
  • invite friends to join me to have a more appealing table 
  • go through the bags for Goodwill and pull things out 
  • go to WalMart and buy that folding table I saw last night 
  •  this will be perfect to promote my home business in my new local area
  • AND I should definitely make make lemonade and cookies to sell (now to pick the perfect flavor...)

I'd LOVE to know how you have used your entrepreneurial and/or hospitable skills to create the BEST yard sale EVER! And if you enjoy visiting yard sale in NoVa, how to do you find them?  Craigslist, WaPo, neighborhood signs?
Please, all suggestions welcome.

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